Board Goals 2016-2017

Traditional Values

To increase community engagement and energize the district’s sense of pride by:

  • Strengthening community relations by continuing to build relationships with parents, PTA/PTO, staff and students of Baldwin-Whitehall that enables us to work as a team towards the education of the students.
  • Creating an environment of trust between the Board and community through effective communication, transparency and mutual respect.
  • Developing a year-to-year public relations/marketing plan that demonstrates ways to improve communication between the Board and community.

Quality Education

To strive for excellence in education by:

  • Providing state of the art instruction, which meets the needs of each and every student’s unique learning profile by offering quality programs and support to ensure college and career readiness and success in life after graduation.
  • Implement a 4-year comprehensive plan for technology to include a solid road map with defined milestones that leads to 1:1 technology for students and improves learning.
  • Continuing to provide a safe and nurturing environment to our students in order to increase overall academic achievement.
  • Maintaining fiscal accountability through responsible budgetary decisions and continuous monitoring of expenditures and revenues; ensuring that all financial decisions have the least amount of impact on education.
  • Continue to build on the technology fund by reaching out to alumni and community groups to supplement the budgetary needs of the district.
  • Continue to explore other sources of income to relieve the burden on the tax payer.

A World of Opportunity

To work with the superintendent to lead the district toward the vision by:

  • Developing skills in teamwork, problem solving and decision-making.
  • Establishing and following local policies, procedures and ethical standards governing the conduct and operations of the board.
  • Continue to review district policies and work with the solicitor to ensure the policies are clear and meet the needs of the district.
  • Understanding and adhering to laws and local policies regarding the board’s responsibility to set policy and the superintendent’s responsibility to manage the school district and to direct employees in district and campus matters.
  • Recognizing the leadership role of the board president and adhering to law and local policies regarding the duties and responsibilities of the board president and other officers.
  • Adhering to established policies and procedures for receiving and addressing ideas and concerns from students, employees and the community.
  • Making decisions as a whole only at properly called meetings and recognizing that individual members have no authority to take individual action in policy or district administrative matters.
  • Supporting decisions of the majority after honoring the right of individual members to express opposing viewpoints and vote their convictions.