9/11 Survivor Shares with Students

Mrs. Katy Phillips, a high-school mathematics teacher at Brentwood and a survivor of ground zero on 9/11, shared her personal experience with Mrs. Grattan's Leadership through Historical Example course at Baldwin High School. Mrs. Phillips was working in the building next to the World Trade Towers the morning of 9/11 for a financial management company. Her experience that day was shared with students, along with photos of what that day and weeks following were like for her. Students, many of whom were not even born during the 9/11 attacks, were able to gain first-hand knowledge of this historic event from a survivor, connecting ideas of leadership to applications of everyday people becoming leaders in extraordinary ways in uncertain times.

Teacher Natalie Grattan arranged the visit and shared, "I'm so very glad Katy & my professional collaboration between our neighboring districts touched students in such a personal way."