Baldwin Hockey Team Boasts 17-1 Season and Competes in Penguin Cup Finals

The Baldwin High School hockey team has had a banner year. The team boasted a record of 17-1 when the season was suspended due to the COVID-19. The team won their first 15 games in a row, their only loss of the season to West Allegheny. The team stands as the number one seed in the AA class ranking. Their strong season won them a place in the Penguin Cup Finals, the championship for western Pennsylvania. The winner of the Penguin Cup will play the winner of the Flyers Cup in the even the season resumes.

Coach Justin Glock shares the talent and spirit of the team has been strong. He notes the team is extremely balanced, with many strong players. "A lot of the high school teams play only a small number of players. Our team is extremely balanced and just about everybody got playing time. I could run almost 4 forward lines about any time. We don't have one super star: it's a team effort," Glock explains.

The team had dedication and drive. Coach Glock reflects, "Obviously we won a lot of games this year; it would have been very easy for them to get complacent. I kept telling them they could play better and they never got tired of hearing that. It helped them to get to where we are right now. Both our playoff games were 1-goal games. By continuing to improve they were able to compete and win at the highest level. The entire team displayed a work ethic and commitment to team that has gotten us to where we are."

See below for a video excerpt of the team's recent accolades during a national broadcast on ESPN.