Above and Beyond: Preschool Teacher Connects with Student

The closure of schools brought an abrupt shift for students at all levels of school, from high school seniors to the children in preschool—including the Baldwin High School Preschool. Like his peers, five year-old Adam Sill has been missing his classmates in preschool and regularly asks his dad when he'll be able to go back to school to see his friends and beloved teachers. One teacher went above and beyond to make sure one of his students was able to connect.

Parent Marc Sill explains, "One of Adam's teachers, Nick Dolan or Mr. Nicky as Adam likes to call him, decided to surprise Adam (and his brother Ryan) with some Easter treats. Nick brought the boys their Easter gifts and hung out in our yard for over 2 hours (all while safely practicing social distancing). Adam was thrilled to show Nick how he rode his bike, weed whacked the yard, climbed the tree, wrestled the dog, caught a football, etc. etc. As a senior in high school who just had his school year cut short, baseball season cancelled, and other memorable life moments in question, Nick has every reason to put the preschool program (and Adam) on the back burner while those things are figured out. But he didn't. Mr. Nicky decided to spend his Saturday afternoon hanging out with our 5 year old who missed him so much."

Mr. Sill noted that this is representative of the quality he's come to expect from the preschool program. He shared, "In and of itself the preschool program, Ms. P, and the high school seniors teachers, do an incredible job with the way they prepare and relationships they form with the preschoolers. They deserve all the credit they get, and more. It's always great to hear stories of teachers and administrators going that extra mile, but to me it's even more special when it's a student, especially a senior during these trying times. I hope Ryan and Adam recognize that as well, and use it as an example as they continue to work their way up the educational ladder."