Adam Foote Finalist for Jostens Champion Educator

The Pittsburgh Penguins in partnership with Jostens asked Pittsburgh residents to nominate an educator who has influenced their lives in a positive way. Social Studies teacher Adam Foote was selected one of 10 finalists, out of more than 300 nominees, for the Jostens Champion Educator. Mr. Foote and the other finalists attended the Penguins' game against the Dallas Stars on March 11th as a guest of Jostens in the party suite. The teachers enjoyed delicious food, a great view of the game, and were surrounded by outstanding educators from the region.

Mr. Foote has achieved many noteworthy accomplishments within his classroom, through coaching, during his principal internship, with shaping the new senior project program, conducting training for ALICE, and so much more. He truly is an incredible asset to the District.