Baldwin Idol: an Entertaining Evening with Harmony and Heart

On Friday, February 9th, teachers and students came together to use their talents in support of charities through the Baldwin Idol competition.

Baldwin Idol follows in the tradition of a singing competition that took place at BHS over two decades ago called Fabulous 15, at which the audience would pay admission and vote for their favorite performer. Students recently revived the idea, making it more interactive and charitable.

At Baldwin Idol, each singer chooses a charity. Admission is free, but the audience members cast votes through donations towards their favorite singer's cause. The singer with the most money wins a $50 gift card and the opportunity for all of the donations to go the charity of his or her choice.

Serving others is a District value and one that students fully embody. Baldwin Idol is just one of many ways that the Music Department gives back to the community. Choir students sponsor multiple charitable events including winter- and spring-concert food drives, recitals, and benefit concerts, aiding charities including Children's Hospital, the Pittsburgh Zoo, Baldwin's Partners Music, and more. Students are enthusiastic about using their talents to help others.

This year's Baldwin Idol featured 13 students competing in front of 3 judges: Dr. Harrold, Baldwin High School English educator; Mr. Chris Reilsono, Baldwin High School Social Studies educator; and Mr. Gerry Hall, Baldwin High School guidance counselor. BHS Music Teacher Kris Tranter notes that it was a special night: "There were 13 high-school singers on the stage, some of which have never sung in front of such a large audience. The three teachers who volunteered as judges were hilarious and quirky as they delicately and creatively critiqued the singers on their singing and song choices."

This year's winner was Emily Schessler, with her rendition of "How Far I'll Go." Emily's selected charity was the 1Six Foundation, a non-profit founded in honor of Ty Kesten that works to promote awareness of how short and precious life is. The event raised over $1,000 for charity!

Mr. Tranter shared, "I am always inspired by the enthusiasm of students who volunteer not out of selfish ambition, but in humility they value others above themselves."