BHS Library Classroom (re)Design

Baldwin High School's Library Classroom is getting a makeover. Walls have been painted, new signs have been hung, and students are anticipating classes in this redesigned space, now dubbed The Think Tank.

The Think Tank enables students to think out loud, think collaboratively, and brainstorm ideas on floor-to-ceiling whiteboard walls, while new, flexible seating fosters student engagement in the this new space. The impetus for this space was a desire to see students think for themselves and to think more deeply than they typically do. Together classroom teachers and the Library Media Specialist, Brigetta Del Re are creating "thinking activities" that directly connect to the existing curricula. They are using the Right Question Institute's model of divergent and convergent thinking in order to co-construct new learning.

Mrs. Del Re, Dr. Janeen Peretin, and Dr. Randal Lutz used the IDEO's Design Thinking model to envision and then redesign the library classroom. Given that the purpose and function of school libraries continue to evolve, transforming the physical space to accommodate these changes was imperative.

Special thanks to District carpenter, Paul McDonough, the room has maintained the oak finishes that make the room and warm and inviting.