BHS Students Break Out of the Bubble

BHS students are gearing up to travel abroad this summer to both Germany and Ecuador with their peers and language teachers.

Mr. Hindman will be leading 19 German students on a trip in June. Students will visit a variety of cities in both Germany and Austria. While in Germany, students will explore salt mines and take in the culture in Munich. During their time in Austria, the travelers will have the chance to visit Olympic stadiums, as well as visit the historic city of Salzburg.

Ms. Michalski, Ms. DeFazio, and Mr. Dodds will be traveling abroad with a group of Spanish students this summer. Students will be required to test their knowledge as they travel through Ecuador learning about culture, language, and tradition. Some of the trip highlights are a visit to the equator and a chance to visit local high schools. Students will also partake in salsa dancing lessons and spend an evening with local families.

The Foreign and Classical Language Department believes very strongly in the importance of travel and strives to offer their language students trip opportunities every other school year. It allows students the opportunity to meet new people, experience new traditions, and break out of their comfort zones. If you are interested in a once in a lifetime opportunity, see one of our language teachers for more information!