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English Language Learners Inspired by Career Fair

Experience and career tests can help you identify your skill set, but matching those skills to a viable career requires knowledge of options available and interaction with professionals in those fields.

On Wednesday, November 29th, 23 English Language Learners teamed up with BHS's Gifted Program to match their skills with potential careers at the "Inspire: Career Fair 2017". The career fair, located at the Monroeville Convention Center, drew from industry, trade-schools, educational institutions, colleges and universities, and businesses, assembling an array of post-secondary options for high-school students. Nearly 500 high-school students circulated through over 60 booths staffed with representatives from each business or institution, creating an open and individualized question-and-answer forum.

The career fair, sponsored by Junior Achievement Pittsburgh, exposed ELLs to a myriad of post-secondary options and opportunities, truly inspiring students to focus on their academics now, but think beyond BHS to explore, discover, learn, prepare, and achieve career goals.