German Club Oktoberfest 2017

This year's Oktoberfest was a resounding success. Forty-seven students turned out to experience the food, games, and culture of Europe's largest party. The music was loud, the games were grueling, and everyone had a great time at the two-hour party.

German food was provided by club members. This year featured wonderful brats in sauce, pulled pork, spaetzle, a giant pretzel, currywurst, cookies, cakes, and potato pancakes among other treats. Also in attendance were Mrs. Pavlick, helping in her fifth German Club Oktoberfest and Mrs. Patalong, in full dirndl. Students enjoyed traditional games such as holding a two-liter bottle for longer than anyone else. Chase-the-ace is a dice game that has players trying not to hold both dice. These games, among others, have been staples in the BHS German club for years. All in all, the 2017 Oktoberfest was a huge success and students look forward to next year and all it brings.