Gertrude F. Weinert Memorial Scholarship Funds the Education of Six Students in Its Inaugural Year

Robert E. and Gertrude F. Weinert, residents of Whitehall, established the Gertrude F. Weinert Memorial Scholarship to support students from Baldwin High School in their pursuit of higher education. This is the inaugural year for the scholarship. The trust is worth nearly $3 million with annual distribution for graduating seniors to be approximately $135,000.

Close to 100 students applied for the scholarship this summer. The selection process included a team of Baldwin High School staff members reviewing each application. Of the total applicants, 15 finalists were recommended to PNC Bank, the caretaker of the trust, for final selection. Six students were selected to receive funds for 2018. The amount received is based upon annual cost of tuition, books, and lab fees, less all other scholarships received. If students meet all obligations of the scholarship, funds will also be awarded in following years.

The recipients for Weinert Scholarship for 2018 are:

  • Jamie DeLeonardo
  • Zoe Vontau
  • Aakritti Neopany
  • Mike Goga
  • Bal Timsina
  • Brenna Green

Randal Lutz, Superintendent of Schools for the Baldwin-Whitehall School District, expressed, "Education is a community endeavor. It is humbling to see members of our community fund the education of the next generation of leaders. We offer our profound gratitude to the generosity of the Weinert family and express our best wishes to these bright students in their studies."