Hockey Team Volunteers at Library Holiday Event

The students in the Baldwin High School Preschool class are constantly working outside of the classroom, doing volunteer work in the community. From the Holiday Shop, to Science Night—and much more—students are part of the BW community.

This year, Denise Ignasky from Whitehall Library put out a request for volunteers for Rudolf Night. Over 100 families attend this annual event. Nathan Hobson, Captain of the BW Hockey team, immediately asked if the whole team could volunteer. He had been looking for a way to unite the team around a volunteer event and this seemed perfect! Hobson contacted Denise and she was thrilled to have the students come and help!

From setting up the room, running the games, reading stories, and even clean-up, these boys worked hard and had a blast with the kids! They had such a good time that they hope to make this an annual event for the team! Thank you, Baldwin Hockey Team, for a great job!