Normal-C Musical Delves into What Makes Individuals Special—Including Those with Special Needs

This fall Baldwin High School will present the world premier of Normal-C. With a book by J.R. Hall and music and lyrics by Jason Coll, the musical explores the unique perspective and gifts each one of us brings to the world. The musical follows three characters with special needs: Chloe (played by Abigale Stark) has dyslexia, Ben (played by Chris Storms) has Asperger Syndrome, and Eddie (played by Quintin Michalski) has non-verbal autism. The story centers on Chloe, Ben, and Eddie participating in a clinical trial for a drug that will make them "normal." Each teen has a different experience and all draw lessons on what makes them who they are.

Coll was commissioned to write the musical by Beacon College in celebration of its 30-year anniversary. Beacon College is the first four-year accredited college for students with diagnosed learning disabilities. Representatives from the college will be attending and filming the world premier in anticipation of producing the play on their campus.

Students performing in the show participated in sessions educating them on students with special needs. The topic was personal for Hall, who has a son with non-verbal autism. Both Hall and Coll brought tremendous heart, insight, and compassion to the production. Coll shares, "I think that the show is going to deliver a poignant, beautiful message that there really is no 'normal' in this world. We are all unique beings."

Normal-C will be performed at Baldwin High School November 7–9, at 7:00pm. A portion of the proceeds from ticket sales will benefit Special Olympics programming at Baldwin High School. Tickets can be purchased at