Preschool Teacher Enlists in Marines

The District is proud to announce that one of our preschool teachers, Jordan Rush, has enlisted in the Marines.

Earlier this month Jordan went downtown for two days of physical and psychological testing to determine if he would be accepted into the Marine Corps. Of the sixteen men and women who were tested, only six were accepted and Jordan was one of them.

Jordan was already a hero in the students' eyes. With his dazzling smile and enthusiasm he works hard to create meaningful lessons for the class and is adored by the children.

His mother, Jineen Rush, shares that as a young boy, Jordan attended his cousin's graduation from basic training. The awe and respect he had for his cousin and the Marine Corps has stayed with him since that day. When it came time to make plans for his future, Jordan told his mother that he wanted to serve his country and now he will be doing just that.