Morgan Smeal Shares Original Song to Cheer Others through Songs 4 Seniors

In February, before the shutdown and social distancing took effect, Baldwin High School freshman Morgan Smeal took the stage at Baldwin Idol and won by securing the audience's highest number of votes (video below). The donations from that event went to a local cause to help make a difference in our community. Morgan continues to use her talent for the good of those around her by composing an original song called "Be Okay" in Songs 4 Seniors. Morgan shares, "the song began as a quarantine project. This song is meant to be inspirational to help everyone to get through this really tough time. I decided to share it with the senior citizens because I figured they needed a little hope and inspiration as well! Most of them can't get any visits from their families right now and I wanted to share this message with them." You can hear Morgan's song on the Songs 4 Seniors website May 18–22nd page and view all performances here.