Students Dig in to Gardening to Beautify School Grounds

Last year members of the Key Club were invited by School Counselor Caroline Babik to help with weeding and gardening in the rain garden on the High School grounds. In addition to the student volunteers, Dr. Lutz arranged a partnership with a program through Pitt to continue the main purpose of the rain garden.

Ms. Babik shares, "We had a great crew of consistent students. A small but mighty crew! Ethan Hoey and Devon Schroeder—both seniors—took a great interest and charge in keeping this project on task and manned with volunteers. I was pleasantly surprised by the commitment by those who were interested. I think they enjoyed the value of seeing their work grow!"

Just like the plants, opportunities for gardening continue to grow. Ms. Babik expressed, "We would love to continue to beautify the school grounds. I'd love to see some mini-gardens—flowers or vegetables—and am open to talking with anyone who is interested in exploring these ideas!" If there are students or adults interested in helping with the front garden or some of the side gardens, they can contact Ms Babik.

Ethan Hoey, Devon Schroder, Nathan Hobson, Nick Vargo, Sophia Pisano, Jenna Seil, Hannah Feth, and Grace Hampton helped with the gardening project.