Welcome to the BHS School Counseling Office! 

The BHS School Counseling Department adheres to the American School Counselor Association's (ASCA) National Model for School Counseling. A formal curriculum is delivered and services are provided to meet students' needs within the Academic, Career, and Personal/Social Domains.

Students and parents are encouraged to access the many resources available through the Counseling Department. Xello is an Internet-based resource which allows students to explore career choices, learn detailed information about post-secondary schools, and research specific schools that have characteristics that appeal to individual students. Scholarship information will soon be available through Xello, too.

Other resources available in the Counseling Office include post-secondary planning tools such as business, trade, apprenticeship, and college information and scholarship and financial aid resources. Additionally, the Career Center offers students easy access to Internet-based and print resources.

Hours: 7:00 AM - 3:00 PM 

Phone: 412-885-7500, Select option #2

Location: School Counseling Suite, 2nd floor

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Scheduling Updates 

We would like to provide an update on the 2023-2024 scheduling process based on the communication from last week (Tuesday, March 7, 2023).  Through an in-depth analysis of student needs associated with the scheduling process, the BHS Administration and BHS School Counselors decided that we would provide more structure to meet these needs.    


To date:


  • Students, school counselors and teachers communicated about course requests for the 2023-2024 academic year.

  • Students submitted 2023-2024 course requests in Skyward during their homeroom period.

  • The BHS Administration and BHS School Counselors worked, and continue to work, to create a schedule that is optimal for accommodating student needs and requests.


Moving forward, here is the outline of the 2023-2024 scheduling process:

  • Students WILL NOT have to work further to create a period by period schedule in Skyward.  Student requests will be the driving factor in the creation of an optimal schedule for all students. 

  • The BHS Administration and BHS School Counselors will continue to work with student requests to analyze and adjust the 2023-2024 master schedule and individual student schedules.

  • Over the course of the next two months, students will be provided with a 2023-2024 schedule.  At that time, students will have the opportunity to meet with their school counselor to discuss any potential changes if necessary.


Please be flexible, patient and understanding as we work to solidify the scheduling process.


At any time, you can reach out to any member of the BHS Administration and BHS School Counseling Office.  We will work together to make the 2023-2024 academic year a success.





BHS 2023-2024  Scheduling Process

School Counselors have been meeting with students through homeroom classes to share information on graduation requirements, the BHS course catalog, and the scheduling process.  Below is the timeline for scheduling this year, which includes updated arena scheduling dates, which are bolded below.  Each grade level will have one day to complete their arena scheduling process.  The school schedule will be adjusted to allow for an extended homeroom period to give students the opportunity to complete their scheduling during the school day.  Current seniors homeroom classes will partner with lower grade levels to assist with the arena scheduling process during this time.  

In addition, the BHS Course Catalog and BHS Scheduling Guide form are linked here.  All of this information, as well as recordings of the school counseling scheduling meetings, can be found on the School Counseling Canvas pages.  If students have questions or concerns, please reach out via email or set up an appointment.  

Course Catalog /uploaded/BHS_Guidance/2023-2024_Course_Catalog.docx_(2).pdf

BHS Scheduling Guide /uploaded/BHS_Guidance/2023-2024_COURSE_SELECTION_SHEET_(4).pdf



  • BHS Course Catalog is approved


  • School counseling lessons through homerooms 

  1. /uploaded/BHS_Guidance/Scheduling_-_2-6_-_Video.mp4

  2. /uploaded/BHS_Guidance/2023-2024_Scheduling_Day_2_Grad_Requirements.mp4

  3. https://watch.screencastify.com/v/AtnG5IKLXJ7vsYmO2nFP

  4. https://watch.screencastify.com/v/ZgGuiaJHohy8fm2be97z


  • School counseling credit check activity is completed  * Please note that your students academic history is located in their skyward account

  1. /uploaded/BHS_Guidance/22-23_School_Counseling_Lesson_BHS_Credit_Check_Sheet.pdf

  2. /uploaded/BHS_Guidance/2023-2024_COURSE_SELECTION_SHEET_(4).pdf

  • 2/17/23 BHS Elective Fair 

  1. /uploaded/BHS_Guidance/Elective_Fair_(3).pdf

  • 2/23/23 Curriculum Night

  • 2/21/23 -2/24/23 Student Request Window 


Arena Scheduling during extended homeroom 

  • Class of 2024  3-7-23

  • Class of 2025  3-9-23

  • Class of 2026  3-14-23

  • Class of 2027 3-16-23



SAT Saturday, March 11th at Baldwin High School


On Saturday, students will enter through the south entrance (near the pool) for check in.  Check in will take place from 7:15-7:45.  Doors will close at 8:00 and no students will be admitted to the test after this time.  Please be sure to have the necessary documents listed below with you.  If the student is taking a standard SAT test, the test is estimated from 8:00-12:00.  If a student is taking a nonstandard SAT test, the test is estimated from 8:00-1:30.  If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to the counseling office.  

Students should remember to bring:

  • Printed admissions ticket

  • Acceptable photo ID- Government issued ID, passport, School ID

  • Two #2 pencils with erasers

  • An approved calculator-  The CollegeBoard calculator policy is attached here.  Generally, if it is more than a standard graphing calculator, it is not an acceptable calculator.  

  • A drink or snack for break

Students should NOT bring: 

  • Any digital devices, including digital watches, audio players, laptops, notebooks, iPods, iPads, texting device, cameras, separate timers- If cell phones are brought into the testing room, they must be turned off prior to the start of the test. If you are uneasy about ensuring that your phone does not go off during the test, please do not bring it with you.  

    • If a cell phone goes off during the test, the test will be collected and the student’s scores will be canceled.  


BHS 2022-2023 Schedule Change Process

As noted in the BHS course catalog, schedule changes are not to be made until the add/drop period (August 29-September 12).  Schedule changes may be permitted as follows.  

August 29- Sept 5:

  • A class was already taken and passed
  • A class is missing that is needed to graduate- Seniors only
  • A class is out of order- Ceramics 2 before Ceramics 1
  • A core subject is missing- English, Math, Social Studies, Science

From Sept 6-12, the following changes will be reviewed and processed if possible:

  • Level changes- Ex. moving from AP/Honors to a regular level course, or vice versa
  • Adding electives to replace a study hall
  • Dropping lunch in order to take a study hall or an elective
  • Dropping a course in order to take a study hall or another course

In order to make a schedule change during this time, students should complete a Course Request/Approval Form and submit it to their counselor.  These forms will be reviewed starting September 5.  The Course Request/Approval Form can be found herePlease be sure to complete all necessary parts of the form before turning it into the counseling office.  


College Preparation and Mental Health Awareness Night is happening Wednesday, February 23 from 6:00-7:00pm.  Please use the below information to join the virtual event! 

Video call link: https://meet.google.com/rwr-nsrj-qpo (Links to an external site.)

Or dial: ‪(US) +1 513-480-5258‬ PIN: ‪972 538 241‬#

College Prep and Mental Health Night






Baldwin High School will host an administration of the SAT on Saturday, March 12. If any students, specifically current juniors, are considering college as part of their post-secondary plans, testing at your home school is highly recommended.  See the PSAT&SAT tab for more information!