7th Grade ELA Walks the Walk

The 7th-Grade English Language Arts students are fully entrenched in their annual poetry unit. The start of 2019 in ELA classrooms at Harrison Middle School included poems by Robert Frost. "The Road Not Taken" and "Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening" are the poems students read and analyzed. Both of these poems utilize an extended metaphor to signal hidden meanings. Well, Robert Frost is not the only poet to write vivid and deep poems using extended metaphors. Students at HMS did the same and did very well.

Students across 7th grade in English Language Arts were given the opportunity to write a poem encompassing an extended metaphor to reflect the writing we examined in class. These poems were showcased in the auditorium on February 8th. Many student poems were posted along the walls of the auditorium for students in every class to participate in a gallery walk to read and examine their peers' poems. Some students' poems from Mr. Schultz's class also included QR codes that, when scanned, linked to a recording of their poems. Student readers from Mrs. Himes, Mrs. Bowman, Mrs. Crittenden, and Mrs. Mertz's classes were chosen to be in front of the microphone and give their original poetry a voice. Students were able to bring in cookies and water to enjoy a snack while working on a table poem with a group of classmates between the gallery walk and student readers. At the end of each period, the students watched a video of an award-winning teen read his poem. It is incredible to see how much great work is produced at HMS, but even more incredible to see the admiration from their peers in this type of setting. Awesome work all around from English Language Arts 7th-grade teachers and students!