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A Banner Hispanic Heritage Month

For Hispanic Heritage Month, HMS teacher Raquel Lemelle taught students about the history and importance of Hispanics in the United States. Students also interpreted a popular Spanish language song, La Gozadera, by Marc Anthony and Gente de Zona. As an assessment, students selected a country that was mentioned in the song, researched that country's flag, created it by hand, and contributed to a group discussion in Spanish detailing the facts about their flags. Students used sentence starters, colors, numbers, and transitions to create their paragraphs in the target language.

Students researched the year the flag was created, what the colors and symbols of the flag represent, people involved with the creation of the flag, important numbers associated with the flag, and a fun fact about their flag.

Student greatly enjoyed the experience and had many good things to share:

"I learned more about Venezuela and their lives there." —Jack Leghart

"I enjoyed learning what the colors of Peru's flag represent." —Zach Ingold

"I liked learning about another country and creating their flag." —Isabella Acquaro

"The different flags and their meanings were very interesting to me." —Colin Nolan

"I liked the flag project because I was able to be creative." —Alyssa Bechtold

"I liked interpreting the song because it was fun and something new." —Ian Suomela

"I liked how we were able to understand what they were saying in Spanish without translating the whole song." —Jacob Lubawy

"I like how the song included multiple countries, cultures, and dances." —Paul Yeso and Tevin Omune