Skype a Scientist comes to HMS

On March 1st, students in Mrs. Reynolds and Mrs. Kronander's science classes participated in the first-ever Skype a Scientist at Harrison Middle School. Mrs. Reynolds applied for the program in the fall and received notification that she had been matched with a scientist in January. The original date had been set for February, but had to be rescheduled due to a snow day. Students talked live through Google Hangouts to David Levering, a paleo-geologist from the Sternberg Museum of Natural History in Kansas. Mr. Levering talked to the students about his career pathway and how he started as a geologist but ended up as a paleontologist. He talked to the students about his own struggles in school and how he learned to work hard to get where he wanted to go. He shared how geology is present in every single aspect of life and found a way to connect every example he shared with the students. He also answered questions from the students, such as his favorite bone he ever discovered and the biggest mineral or rock he ever found. Students got to experience the Google Hangouts call through the new Padcaster video system that recently came to Harrison.