Sled Dogs Race through HMS

For the fourth year, the sled dogs from Best-In-Snow paid a visit to 7th-grade ELA classes. Their visit coincides with the The Call of the Wild unit. Dan Rehak and Heather Walls come to visit every year with their Siberian Huskies named Boo, Casey, Bang, and Kelly. This year, Bang was feeling a little under the weather so she was not out visiting with the students, but the other three dogs were a big hit. As part of the visit, Dan brings dog sleds, gear, and a lot of history to share with the students. They learn how Alaskan Natives have depended upon sled dogs to obtain supplies, travel through the snow, and even obtain mail and medicine. The students learned how the teams of dogs line up on the sled, and they simulated a sled race using a rolling practice sled. Finally, the students got to spend time with the dogs and loved taking pictures, giving kisses, and hugging the gentle and patient dogs. HMS is so appreciative of the time that Dan and Heather devote to educating the students of HMS.