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Sublimation in the Makerspace: "It's a Gas"

Students in the seventh-grade science classes had a wonderful chance to apply scientific concepts learned in the Chemistry unit to a fun, realā€life project in the Makerspace. After studying about phase changes and chemical reactions, students in Mrs. Kronander, Ms. Donoghue, and Ms. McNally's classes worked with the concept of sublimation to create and design personalized mugs. Sublimation is a process whereby a solid goes directly to the gas phase, bypassing the liquid state. To create the mugs, students used special transfer paper and sublimation ink to print off their designs. The designs were then applied to the mugs and placed in a press where the high heat and pressure forced the ink to embed into the polymer coating of the mug. The ink went from a solid on the paper, to a gas while heated, and then back to a solid again onto the mug. The students were very creative in their designs and enjoyed the entire process.