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Veterans' Day Recognition at Harrison Middle School

Harrison Middle School hosted a Veterans' Day celebration on Friday, November 10th. Each grade participated in honoring our veterans through different planned activities. Sixth-graders participated by decorating classroom doors. Seventh-graders attended an assembly in the auditorium to honor all military branches and veterans. Eighth-graders made donations and wrote letters to veterans in their U.S History class. Veterans from the community were invited to attend the celebration.

Superintendent Lutz expressed the District's desire for the event in a letter to the community.

Dear Baldwin-Whitehall Families,

We will celebrate one of our most important annual holidays this week.

On November 11th, our country will once again honor our greatest heroes on Veterans' Day.

This week, I'd like to ask each of us to imagine what America might be like if not for the service and sacrifices made by our armed forces throughout history. Think about how different your life would be if not for the brave men and women who have dedicated themselves to defending life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness from the Atlantic to the Pacific, and all around the world.

This year, I also encourage you to acknowledge the lasting impact that our armed forces continue to achieve. From the battlefield to our home front, the bravery of our Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, and National Guard is unparalleled and lead us by example every day.

It's because of our veterans and their selfless dedication to the American dream that each of us has the opportunities we enjoy today. It's because of their lifelong commitment to ensuring the liberty of our republic that we so proudly refer to our United States as the land of the free and the home of the brave.

This Veterans' Day, please take the time to thank every veteran in your life. Without them, we wouldn't have a national holiday, because we wouldn't have a nation of our own.

And if you are a veteran and you're reading this, please allow me to take this moment to say: Thank you, for everything you do.


Dr. Randal A. Lutz

Superintendent of Schools