Fun with Music Concepts

In kindergarten music at McAnnulty, some of the foundational concepts we work on are keeping a steady beat and learning about different musical elements. We spend a lot of time listening and moving to sounds that are loud and quiet, fast and slow, high and low. Currently, our students are studying fast and slow sounds. We work on listening and identifying the sounds, then we add movement to this concept so students have a tactile way to remember.

Students learned a song called Tony Chestnut, the movements in the song are a play on
words, the kids touch their toes, knees, chest, and their head. The lyrics also say “ I love you.”
You can see students from Ms. Lippert’s class pointing to their eyes, making a heart with
their hands, and pointing out. We perform this song starting in slow motion and each time
gradually getting faster. The song works on coordination, and uses students’ singing voices. The students love this song and trying to activate TURBO SPEED if everyone is singing and