McAnnulty Masterminds Celebrate Another Year of Inspiring Imaginations

We had another successful year of Masterminds' Memory Making Moments thanks to the third year of our PBS Ready to Learn Grant Partnership! Our first-grade participants and their families did an amazing job exploring exciting lesson content, hands-on activities and technology to incorporate Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, and Creativity throughout the course of our school year! The students were actively engaged in both math and science inquiry adventures throughout each STEAM activity session which focused on the Engineering Design Process!

This year we were offered the opportunity to pilot a new Family Creative Learning Module entitled Molly of Denali. The students and families enjoyed learning in fun and exciting ways to promote informational text into their daily lives! This program allowed for our first-graders to connect and extend their learning by using non-fiction research strategies and Technology Tools explored within their first-grade curriculum to make those valuable Self-to-Text connections! Check out a video here.

It was very rewarding to watch them learn and grow together during each phase of our Masterminds' program! We want to send a special "thank you" to Mrs. Denise Ignasky, Ms. Cathy Cook, and our BHS student volunteers for their valued time and tireless efforts to ensure this program was a continued success!

Please feel free to visit our Masterminds' website.