Positive Routines Help Students Connect

Throughout the school year MES teacher Ms. Thorhauer has used "The Goodbye Song" to help her students end each school day with a moment of connection. Children form a circle and join in song. The song, taken from the children's show Out of the Box, says "So long, farewell, to you, my friends, goodbye for now, until we meet again." That tradition has taken on new meaning as routines have turned upside down. Ms. Thorhauer has transformed a room in her house to a replica of her classroom. It is these types of special touches that makes distance learning more meaningful, exciting, and comforting to the students.

Ms. Thorhauer shares, "During our regular classroom routines, 'The Goodbye Song' helps us end each day on a positive note and to leave school with a good feeling. I want students to leave school each day excited to return, knowing McAnnulty is a place where they have friendships and are cared for. Now, I think the words 'so long, for now, until we meet again' hold a different meaning. I wanted to provide a way for students to still 'see' each other each day and know that no matter how far apart we may be, we can still come together as a classroom and support each other. "

Ms. Thorhauer is always innovative ways to spark student's understanding and creativity. She made a kite to hep introduce the story "Kite Day: A Bear and Mole Story." Ms. Thorhauer shares, "The objective of the lesson was to retell the story by identifying the beginning, middle, and end. Some students we inspired to fly kite at home or create a kite craft." A perfect activity in these blustery spring days!