Sidewalk Chalk Obstacles Help Neighbors Get Outside

Even under a stay-at-home order, we are finding ways to connect. Mr. Betz posted a PE classroom video suggesting students use sidewalk chalk to create an obstacle course: an excellent way to get moving and get outside. One MES student created a course near their house. After completing the activity and coming inside, the student looked outside to see that another family was taking advantage of the course as well. The student's mother, Angie Grand, shares, "When they came in the house we saw a little girl (hopping) and completing their obstacle course. The part that made me smile and the kids were really excited was not only did the little girl complete their obstacle course, her dad completed it too. My kids were really excited that another 'dad' jumped through their course. Even though we are quarantined, it is nice seeing families outside exercising and spending time together."