Public Libraries

The Baldwin and the Whitehall Borough Public Libraries work closely with the school library media specialists to create and offer a variety of programs to children of all ages from their early years through adulthood. Both libraries host story time for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers. Additionally, book clubs for elementary and high school students complement reading programs that exist within the district schools. High school students can take advantage of clubs, homework help programs, teen movie night, and serve on teen advisory boards. A sundry of events provide high school students with creative outlets, while college prep and job/career education enable them to fully prepare for post-graduation life. In recent years, the public libraries and the high school guidance department have partnered to develop programs about the college admission process along with crucial information about athletic scholarships and NCAA requirements.

Given that both the public libraries, along with the high school library and guidance department, believe that their respective institutions are about learning and empowerment, they want to be a part of helping young people find the right pathway that best suits their personal needs and goals. That is why they come together to plan and organize such events.