Doug Altavilla Pursues Excellence on and off The Field

As football season kicked off this fall it marked the first time a quarterback has been a four-year starter at Mercyhurst University. That student is Baldwin High School alumnus Doug Altavilla. He recalls, "Mercyhurst was an easy decision for me to make, and I can confidently say I made the right decision now 5 years later. The university provided me with the opportunity to continue my athletic career in football and had the field of study I was interested in (Sports Medicine)." A campus visit impressed Altavilla with the community, academics, and athletics and Mercyhurst. His college experience has not disappointed. Altavilla reflects, "football has taught me numerous life lessons that have allowed me to grow into a well-rounded individual. I can confidently say this university, in regards to both academics and athletics, have prepared me for tasks in my future."

Altavilla explains that the strong foundation he received from his family and the District have been central to his character and accomplishments. He recalls, "The BWSD experience is second-to-none! The biggest lesson I learned while in high school is to be optimistic and open-minded about everything. You never know when a possible opportunity will be presented to you, so you need to always be aware and present the truest form of your personal character."

Altavilla earned his Bachelor of Science in Sports Medicine, with a minor in Exercise Science, in May. At graduation he was honored with The Bishop's Award for Academic Excellence, the highest award the university gives. Altavilla is now completing a semester of graduate studies in Organizational Leadership while he continues to play football with Mercyhurst. In fall of 2020 Altavilla plans to enroll in a Doctor of Pharmacy program with the aim of becoming a pharmacist.