Meghan Schiller Is Making News

Meghan Schiller was musical from a young age. While a student at Baldwin High School, she participated in choir and high-school musicals. After graduating in 2007, she continued her musical aspirations by studying opera at Carnegie Mellon University. When she was a student at CMU, Schiller entered a contest—and was subsequently crowned Miss Smiling Irish Eyes of the St. Patrick's Day Parade. She recalls, "As a part of my parade promotional duties, we appeared on KDKA's morning lifestyle show "Pittsburgh Today Live." It was fascinating to watch Kristine Sorensen and Jon Burnett (the show's hosts at the time) prepare their questions for each segment, interview each guest, and interact with the live audience and the TV cameras. I was hooked!" Schiller earned dual degrees in Vocal Performance and English from CMU, then obtained a Master's degree in Journalism from Northwestern University in Chicago.

Schiller now serves as a General Assignment Reporter and Fill-in Anchor for KDKA TV News. As a morning news reporter, her day starts early. Schiller outlines, "My alarm clock goes off at 2:30 in the morning and I arrive at the KDKA News Studios by 3:30 AM. I either receive my story assignment and look through the video captured overnight, or I will head straight out to breaking news with my photographer. I write my scripts in the news truck on the way to our first live shot location, or I gather the details once I arrive on the scene of breaking news and then write my scripts! The newscast begins each morning at 4:30 and we are on the air until 8 AM. I have live reporting hits every half an hour and spend my 'down time' sending in a script to our web team to be posted on or I post pictures and video to social media like Twitter and Facebook. My work day usually wraps up around 11:30 or 12 noon. After work, I head home to hang out with my dogs, go to the gym, make an (early) dinner and go to bed before doing it all over again! It's a fun job because no two days are the same, you are constantly exploring new areas of town, meeting new people—and it's amazing to be done with work by noon on a Friday!" Schiller says that her time at Baldwin High School prepared her for the demands of her job, She reflects, "My teachers at Baldwin, especially Dr. Klein and Mrs. Temme, really encouraged me to push myself and take on a large workload. Although at the time it seemed daunting, it ended up teaching me valuable time management skills and better prepared me for my career!" Schiller notes that this job entails a lot of work that isn't always visible—or glamorous. She shares, "People at home don't see the hours of work that go into the creation and presentation of a story. They don't see the interviews in their entirety or the work that went into setting up those interviews. People at home also don't see how long it it takes journalists to gather all of the details and then write the story in a compelling, yet easily digestible way."

Schiller lives in Mount Lebanon with her husband and two dogs Jameson and Bailey.