Morgan O'Brien: Leading through Service

After graduating from Baldwin High School in 1978, Morgan O'Brien earned a bachelor's degree in business administration and a master's degree in taxation from Robert Morris University. He now serves as the president and chief executive officer of Peoples Natural Gas Company LLC, which serves approximately 740,000 customers in southwestern Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Kentucky. O'Brien shares, "I never dreamt of achieving what I have in business. It's something that developed over time." He sees his role as one of service to the community. "I'm thankful to have the ability to lead a group of people and really develop a culture that supports other people," he says. "People depend on us. I hope how we provide their service differentiates us, that we can go the extra mile when they need it. Whether someone has trouble paying their bill or something else, we help them and support them. I think it's a gift. It's a special opportunity."

O'Brien knows from personal experience that possibilities are endless when you apply yourself. He explains, "If I were to tell students one thing, it's that there's a long list of people who were in the exact same shoes that they are now. Looking down the list of people, whether it's government, business, entertainment—in every aspect of our culture there are successful Baldwin Alumni. The opportunities and potential are endless. They can absolutely become those success stories they see."

O'Brien had such a positive experience during his time at BHS that when it came time to raise his own family, he knew where he wanted to be. He reflects, "I had a strong belief that it was a good education for me and I wanted my kids to have the same experience. We embraced the diversity that the BWSD has. We could've raised our kids in any school. Students in the Baldwin Whitehall School District are exposed at a young age to people from different countries and religions and I thought that was an important part of the Baldwin distinctive."

O'Brien believes the future of our region is bright. He shares, "I lived my whole life in this region. Right now looking forward, I think the opportunities to do well here are greater than they've ever been. The opportunities—whether it's technology or education—the opportunities are more than I've ever seen in the entire time I've been in business. It's a really great time to be a young person preparing to enter your field. I think this is a unique and exciting time."