Ron McMahon Reflects on a Winning Career in Education

In 1974 the The Highlanders boys basketball team had a strong season under coach George Mazur, finishing 16-6. The experience inspired one of the players, point guard Ron McMahon, to pursue a career in education and coaching.

After graduating Baldwin High School in 1974, McMahon attended Clarion State College (now Clarion University) where he obtained his B.A. in Secondary Education, as well as his coaching certification. He went on to earn a Master of Arts Secondary Education, with a minor in History, from St. Bonaventure University. He taught high school Social Studies and coached in Portville Central School in Portville, New York, for 32 years.

Over the course of his career, McMahon coached JV Boys Basketball; Varsity Boys Track; Boys Golf; Varsity Girls Basketball; and Varsity Boys Basketball. In the 13 years McMahon coached Varsity Basketball, the team won 11 consecutive seasons. McMahon loved coaching, particularly the role it allowed him to have in students lives. He shares, "students come to you in seventh grade and you get to watch them grow and develop over 6 years." McMahon still hears from students he coached over his career. He has two children of his own, Jeff and Kellie. McMahon was able to coach both his son and his daughter's teams to section championships—an experience he notes was one of the highlights of his career. Jeff became a teacher himself and teaches in Portville Central School, where his father spent his career.

In 2000 McMahon was named Big 30 Coach of the Year. He has been inducted into the Cattaraugus County Sports Hall of Fame and the Portville Central School Athletic Hall of Fame.

McMahon retired in 2010 and lives in Portville with his wife Coralie, who still works for Portville schools.