Mission, Vision & Belief Statements

Mission Statement

The Baldwin-Whitehall School District is a learning community dedicated to providing all students with a high quality educational experience in a collaborative, safe, and nurturing environment. 

Vision Statement

In collaboration with our community partners, the Baldwin-Whitehall School District will embrace the social, emotional, academic, and physical growth of all learners through the creation of an educational system based on innovation, diversity, and exemplary practices to ensure all children are prepared for the future they choose.  

Our Beliefs

Our Beliefs are the foundation of our Learning CommUnity and guide our actions on behalf of children.

  • Every child is viewed as our greatest resource and thus our most valuable investment
  • Every student has a right to learn and experience appropriately challenging and relevant learning opportunities
  • School schedules and instructional programs are designed with and for students to meet the diversity within their educational and developmental needs
  • Multiple learning pathways and measures shall  be used to achieve and evaluate success
  • Safe, supportive, and inclusive environments with high levels of diversity, empathy, respect and belonging shall be the foundation of our learning community
  • Students must develop the skills necessary to function in a future of their choice
  • High expectations shall be maintained in all areas of the school district academic, extracurricular and athletic programs
  • Learning takes place within and beyond the classroom
  • Students and staff must demonstrate digital and media literacy
  • School, caregivers and community stakeholders must partner in the education of students
  • Fiscal decisions must effectively balance the educational needs of the students and resources of the community.