Mission, Vision & Belief Statements

Mission Statement

The Baldwin-Whitehall School District is committed to the promotion of excellence through a system of traditional values, a quality educational program, and a world of opportunities.

Vision Statement

The Baldwin-Whitehall School District, in partnership with the parents and community, strives to provide all students with a rigorous, high-quality, standards based academic program aligned to the diverse needs of all learners delivered in a safe and caring environment. The stakeholders of the Baldwin-Whitehall educational community envision a school district in which:

  • All students acquire skills to become lifelong learners in a diverse, ever-changing world
  • Every child is viewed as our greatest resource and thus our most valuable investment
  • All members of the educational community are dedicated to continuous improvement
  • All members of the school community are technologically proficient

Belief Statement

We believe

  • that every student has a right to learn and experience appropriately challenging and relevant learning opportunities
  • that school schedules are designed for students and to meet their educational and developmental needs
  • that students and staff respect the dignity and self-worth of others
  • that students must develop the skills necessary to function in a global society
  • that high expectations be maintained in all areas of the school district and programs, including co-curricular and extra-curricular activities and programs
  • that students be challenged to achieve to their potential
  • that instruction should be designed to accommodate individual learning styles and diverse student needs
  • that academic excellence should be promoted in all phases of the instructional program
  • that students and staff must use and apply technology on a regular basis
  • that education is the shared responsibility of the student, the staff, parents and the community
  • that learning should occur in a caring, supportive, clean, and safe environment
  • that the community should be an active participant in the education of students
  • that the schools are a community resource

Translated Mission, Vision, and Belief Statements