Parent Handbook

Maintaining a positive school environment is an important responsibility. It is a complicated balancing of individual student rights with the collective rights of others. I urge students to take advantage of all the educational opportunities offered to them in the classroom and during school activities. Furthermore, I ask each student to act appropriately to assure that others may benefit from the same programs and activities.

Good policy, applied in a fair and consistent manner, is an indispensable element of a quality school. The Baldwin-Whitehall School District has developed a Student Handbook for Parents that contains District policies and procedures to promote order and nurture appropriate relationships among students and staff.

The District asks you to become familiar with the contents of the Student Handbook for Parents. Take time to discuss it with your child, especially the policies regarding attendance, athletic and extracurricular eligibility. A complete listing of all District policies is available on the District website at Your support is vital to our efforts.

Students will be required to verify that they have been informed of their “Student Rights and Responsibilities” by electronically acknowledging that they know the rules and regulations governing school behavior. Parents will also be asked to acknowledge that you are aware of the expectations placed upon your child in the school setting.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact your child’s principal.

Randal A. Lutz, Ed.D.

Superintendent of Schools

2022-2023 Student Handbook for Families