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A Message from Dr. Lutz

August, 2018

Dear Parents and Students

The 2018-19 school year is upon us and we could not be more thrilled to have everyone coming back very soon. The first day of school is one filled with excitement and energy, not often duplicated at any other time of the year. The new year brings with it the promise of a fresh start and new beginnings not only for students, but for staff members alike. The first day of school for all students will be Monday, August 27, 2018.

It is truly my belief that we are currently in one of the most exciting times for not only public education but also for the Baldwin-Whitehall School District. We continue to experience much change in the areas of staffing, programs and facilities. Staff changes have allowed us to welcome many new members to our faculty and assign fresh roles and responsibilities for some of our existing personnel. Student enrollment continues to grow. An example of this is

in kindergarten where we have hired a 16th teacher and have enrollment of nearly 370 students. We have also begun the process for significant renovations to our physical plants that will occur over the next several years.

Our theme for this year will continue as Transforming Learning, Inspiring Minds with specific objectives wrapped around our 6 Key Pillars for the District. Of particular focus for the year will be the areas of:

  • Personalizing the Learning Experience for All Children
  • Improving School Safety and Security
  • Building on our Positive School Climate
  • Embrace a Change Framework encouraging risk taking and opportunities to learn

Several projects this summer have been focused on these goals in our effort to provide an improved learning environment for all children and increase our pride in our schools and community.

Please come prepared and ready to join me in this work as we have the ability to influence the lives of children at an unprecedented level.


Randal A. Lutz

Superintendent of Schools

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One to One Chromebook Initiative for Grades 6-12


Transportation Update

bus info

As one can see from the graphic, the transportation department of the Baldwin-Whitehall School District provides extensive services to many users on a daily basis. In an effort to provide timely service to all students, several changes to the routes, as well as some procedures have been necessary for 2018.

  • Students are entitled to one bus stop location in the morning as well as the afternoon. These stops may be different based upon child care needs.
  • Students needing two different stops (different days of the week) in either the morning or afternoon must have approved documentation related to custody or enrollment documentation from a licensed and certified day care. Issues of convenience cannot be honored.
  • Bus changes related to family emergencies shall be submitted to the school and shall be granted only with the approval of the building principal.
  • Due to the complexity and distances of some routes, students may be on the bus for longer periods of time.
  • Routes have been revised, possibly causing students to walk further to their bus stops. Home stops will continue to be provided only on routes deemed by the Pennslyvania Department of Transportation as Hazardous Routes. (For more information, please review BWSD Policy #810.)
  • The District is exploring GPS tracking programs for the buses to allow parents to monitor the time the bus will be at their child’s bus stop. The goal is to have the program implemented prior to inclement weather.
  • Request for bus stop changes (consistent with BWSD Policy #810) must be made using the change request form found on the BWSD website ( under the Transportation Department. Changes for students that have existing bus stops shall be made within two weeks.
  • Students not having a transportation schedule shall receive priority status and will be handled within 72 hours of submission of request.

Thank you for your anticipated support as we work to ensure all students are provded safe and efficient transportation services.

Contact Information:

Email: ,

Phone: 412-885-7595

Additional Resources

Comcast offers discounted internet access to eligible families through their Internet Essentials program. You can learn more by clicking here.

We are excited to announce key program enhancements this year, all of which are being offered for no additional cost to either new or existing customers:

  • Speed increase – for the fourth time in six years, we are increasing speeds for new and existing customers. Internet Essentials now offers speeds of up to 15/2 Mbps.
  • XFINITY WiFi hotspots – to help family members connect to the Internet on the go and save money on their wireless bills, Internet Essentials customers will now enjoy 40 hours per month of free WiFi access out of the home on our network of 18 million XFINITY WiFi hotspots.