Business Office Overview

The mission of the business office is to ensure that all resources of the Baldwin-Whitehall School District are managed and accounted for in an effective and efficient manner, that all financial records are presented in a timely, accurate and meaningful format, and that all staff members work toward continuous improvement and professional service.

The Business Office is committed to providing the highest levels of financial services to management, leadership, user departments, students and the public. This includes ensuring that proper controls and procedures are in place to manage and protect the public’s resources.We regularly evaluate and balance our service levels customer needs, efficiency and available resources. Efficiencies are developed through high-quality management direction, good communications, training, promoting teamwork and by providing employees with a challenging and fulfilling work environment. The Baldwin-Whitehall Business Office is committed to continuous improvement and refining of processes to provide excellent services.


Requests for Proposals

Mark Cherpak

Titles: Business Manager

Georgann Helman

Titles: Confidential Administrative Assistant

Theresa Manning

Titles: Administrative Assistant

Dawn M. Pettit

Titles: Accountant

Michael Venesky

Titles: Accountant


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Note the following updates for 2018:

  • The Social Security wage cap is $128,400.00 for 2018. The Employee & Employer share is 6.2%. There is no base limit for Medicare Tax; the rate is 1.45%. The max amount is $7,347.00 for the Employer & Employee.
  • Local Services Tax (LST) is determined by the location of the school you work at and consists of the municipalities of Baldwin Borough $52.00 and Whitehall $52.00.
  • As of January 2012, the District is required to withhold from ALL employees their local earned income tax. Please click here for important information regarding EIT.
  • Lincoln Financial Advisors is our current Third Party Administrators for the 403b program. The Elective deferral amount for 2018 is $18,500.00. You may obtain additional information and Salary Reduction Agreement information from Mark L. Perilman at 724-743-6124 or email
  • Health Flexible Spending Account Limit for 2018 is $2,600.00 and the Dependent Care amount is $5,000.00.

Forms, Schedules, Time Sheets, and More!

Change of Name/Address

For a name or address change, ALL three (3) forms below are required to be completed in blue ink and returned to Payroll:

  1. Change of Name/Address Form
  2. Local Earned Income Tax Form -(EIT) Residency Certification
  3. W-4 Federal Tax Form 2019

Please be aware that if you are changing your name, you must also notify SSA (Social Security Administration). The local Social Security offices in our area are open Monday-Friday, from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. except for federal holidays. Their phone number is: 1-800-772-1213. The Pittsburgh office is located at 921 Penn Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA. 15222.

Once complete, print, sign and send to Payroll c/o BWSD Administrative Office, 4900 Curry Rd, Pittsburgh, PA 15236


Direct Deposit Form
This service is available to ALL employees of the District and encouraged. It is the most secure and efficient method of receiving your pay. Direct Deposit is available for up to three separate bank accounts.

LST Exemption Form
Also known as Local Occupational Tax, this form must be completed annually. We currently collect LST for Baldwin and Whitehall Boroughs.

Skyward Employee Access Form
To inform Payroll of email address change

Teacher Payment Election Form 2018-19
To select your payment choice either 10 months or 12 months (school year).

Paraprofessional/Secretary Payment Election Form 2018-19
To select your payment choice either 10 months or 12 months (school year).

Request for Tuition Reimbursement Form for 2019-2020
This form must be submitted to the Superintendent's Office prior to the start of course.

W-4 Federal Tax Form 2019
Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate for Federal Income Tax withholding. The information will be synchronized and verified with the Social Security Administration

Time Sheets

Teacher Semester Forms

Paraprofessional Supplemental Time Sheet

Pay Period Dates


Dawn M. Pettit

Titles: Accountant
Phone Numbers:
School: 412-884-6300 ext. 7478

Michael Venesky

Titles: Accountant
Phone Numbers:
School: 412-884-6300 ext. 7477