Facilities Services Overview

The all-inclusive responsibility of the Facilities Services Department is the managerial oversight of the Baldwin-Whitehall School District facilities. The portfolio of buildings and grounds features 5 primary locations and 2 secondary locations. The Wallace Building houses the maintenance and warehouse operations. To meet the demands of the district, the department utilizes 31 employees.

The following services are also managed by the department:

  • Work Order Direction and Reporting
  • Conditions & Upkeep of Buildings & Grounds
  • Security
  • Event Management
  • Oversee Construction and Renovations
  • Project Management
  • Health & Safety Concerns
  • Routine Safety & Maintenance Inspections at All Sites
  • Utilities Usage
  • Financial Budget of Approximately $3,600,000 per year
  • Facilities Budgeting for Capital Improvements


The Facilities Services Management is responsible for ensuring that the planning, design, construction, operation, and maintenance of all school district facilities and grounds support the academic and administrative functions of the School District, while balancing financial and technical constraints in a manner consistent with the policies and procedures set forth by the School Board.


Department Staff

Randy Huddart

Facilities Manager

J. Regis Kostrub

Assistant Facilities Manager

Ken Craig


Pat DiFrancesco


Howard Langer


Joe Persichetti


Candice Reed


Martin Reed