From the Desk of the Superintendent

Teamwork Keeps Our District Running

“Success is a team effort.”

You’ve probably heard this statement a hundred times in your life. We tell it to athletes during games, actors during theater performances, and to all of our students during group projects.

We also say this to our faculty and staff when it comes to big school-wide or district-wide projects. Lately, we’ve been saying it a lot with regard to the efforts necessary to keep our schools open during the latest COVID surge.

On one hand, this statement is true by definition: in order for a team to succeed, everyone has to pitch in and do their part.

But there’s also another way to look at this statement: teams succeed when members are willing to do whatever the situation calls for, even if it’s not their typical role.

When a close basketball game comes down to the final possession, you may expect the hot shooter to get the ball and the top defender to make that game-winning shot as hard as possible. Those are their typical roles. But just as often, a win or loss hinges on whether a big-time scorer can make a key defensive play, or a defender who isn’t known for their shooting can somehow end up in the right spot at the right time to make that game-winning basket.

This is why even the teams with the biggest stars lose games to teams with fewer stars but better teamwork: when everyone is willing to step up, victory is always possible, no matter the odds.

Right now, as we search for new ways to cover our staffing shortages, maximize our resources, and do everything we can to keep our schools open during this pandemic, I keep thinking about the power of teamwork that our District staff and faculty display each day. Our team steps up and does whatever it takes, even going outside their comfort zones or areas of expertise to lend a hand when it’s needed.

Right now, many other districts are unfortunately struggling to create this level of team effort that our families and students rely on. I am so incredibly grateful that our BWSD team keeps finding new solutions to the hurdles we face, and that we as adults have so many opportunities to model what good teamwork looks like for the students who learn from our example.

Thank you for doing your part, and for showing our children that anything is possible when we find new ways to step up, solve problems, and keep working together.