From the Desk of the Superintendent

The Transformative Power of Being Kind

Remember the classic Jimmy Stewart movie It’s a Wonderful Life?

It’s the story of George Bailey, a man who becomes so unhappy that he wishes he had never been born, only to be rescued by an angel who reminds him of all the people whose lives he’s made better along the way.

They often show It’s a Wonderful Life on TV in December because the end of the movie takes place at during the holidays and just like the season itself, the movie’s message is truly timeless:

Kindness counts.

At BWSD, we try to remind our students and adults of this lesson all throughout the year. Every Wednesday, we encourage all students to commit to being “the kind kid.” We ask them to be conscious of the words they use, the actions they take, and the things they shouldn’t do because they could be hurtful to someone else.

When someone makes a mistake, rather than saying something negative or sarcastic, they can choose to say something encouraging instead. When they see someone in need, instead of ignoring them, they can choose to lend a hand. And if they see others engaging in negative behaviors, they can choose not to join in, and to do something more positive instead.

Over the course of a school year, our students have countless opportunities to choose to be kind — and just like George Bailey, the cumulative effect of all their kindness adds up. For many, the impact of all those kind choices can be life-changing, both for themselves and for others.

As the new year approaches, I hope we adults and parents can also practice being more kind. When we see others in need, may we step up to help, and if we have a choice about whether or not to be hurtful, may we find ways to come together instead.

Living our lives with an abundance of kindness may not always prevent things from being difficult. But it could be the difference between facing those challenges alone, or facing them with the love and support of the many people who care about us.

And when that happens, it proves the ultimate lesson of It’s a Wonderful Life:

Not only does kindness count, but it adds up over time.