Beating the Winter Blues

Beating the Winter Blues

So far, this winter has been on the mild side, but now we're clearly heading into the cold stretch. This is the time of year when almost everyone would rather stay indoors than go outside, and our TVs, phones, and video games will get even more attention than usual.

In other words: it's couch potato season.

Now, there's nothing wrong with a little hibernation during the winter. But there's also an upside to being active outside despite the chill, and it goes beyond just staying healthy: it helps us get comfortable with being uncomfortable. As parents, that's one trait we definitely want to help our kids develop—and, truthfully, one that we can probably stand to get better at ourselves.

Before your kids (and you) settle in for a cozy night of staring at screens, what if you went for a walk around the neighborhood first? Or played a sport, or went for a jog? Or did some home repairs, or helped a neighbor with theirs? Or practiced driving in the snow, so it'll be less stressful next time?

Once our kids realize that bad weather doesn't automatically give them a reason NOT to do something, it makes it easier for them to stick to healthy routines and get more done. It also helps them become more adaptable, and gives them the opportunity to have positive experiences that they would have otherwise missed. (Heck, they might even grow up thinking the cold is... fun!)

The best part of all? Less screen time, and more life time. That's a big win for everyone, no matter the season.