What Will You Dare to Do This Year?

What Will You Dare to Do This Year?

Welcome to the 2019–2020 school year! We undertake a new academic year with gratitude and enthusiasm. The schools in our District are exploring the theme of courage this year. The Baldwin-Whitehall School District is a place that gives students a sure foundation from which they can venture out and accomplish magnificent things. When you are grounded in who you are and equipped by what you know, you can accomplish incredible things. What will you dare to do this year?

Each of our schools will be exploring that theme in its own unique way. I invite you to consider the question as a family. In what ways would you like to grow? What new experiences could you seek out? How can you cheer each other on as you step out boldly? I can't wait to see what we accomplish. Cheers to the adventure ahead.


Dr. Randal A. Lutz