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Additional Information

Health Examination Requirements

Pennsylvania School Law, Section 1402, mandates physical and dental examinations in certain grades. The state encourages parents to have the family physician or dentist do the examinations since these doctors are aware of the student’s health status and history.  Examinations by the family physician or dentist are at the parent’s expense. 

If you prefer, the school district’s physician or dentist will provide the appropriate exams during the school year. There is no charge for the school exam. 

Physical Examination Grade Requirement Kindergarten 6 11
Dental Examination Grade Requirement Kindergarten 3 7
Scoliosis Screening Grades   6 7
Universal Blood Lead Level Testing*

*Effective January 1, 2018


Test prior to entry into Kindergarten or before the child is six years old, whichever is sooner.


  • Medical examinations are required for all children entering school (kindergarten or first grade), and all children enrolled in sixth and eleventh grades. The school medical examination may be provided by either a private physician at the family’s expense, or by a physician provided by the school district.
  • Each child is given a vision test annually by the school nurse.
  • Each student in kindergarten and grades one, two, three, seven, and eleven are given a hearing screening.
  • Height and weight and BMI measurements are taken once a year by the school nurse.
  • The school health record is initiated at the time of school admission and becomes a part of the cumulative health record throughout the child’s school career.
  • Dental screening occurs in kindergarten, first, third, and seventh grade. The kindergarten children are screened as part of the dental health educational program during the school year. The screening may be completed by the family dentist or by the school dentist.


Administration of Medications at School

Parents are encouraged when at all possible to dispense medications for their children at home. We realize that some students will need to take medications at school. For the safety of the students, no medications will be administered to students by school personnel unless:

  1. Medication is in properly labeled container with student’s name, dosage, and time schedule for administration of medications.
  2. Physician’s directions for administering medication are clearly stated if the medicine is prescribed.
  3. Directions for administering commercial medication are clearly stated by the parent.
  4. Parent’s written permission including a full waiver releasing the school district and school personnel from all liability has been obtained.

Please contact the school nurse for appropriate forms and instructions on the administration of medications for your children.

Immunization Requirements

Pennsylvania Code (28 Pa. Code Ch. 23) requires students to have the following immunizations prior to and while attending school:

Tetanus, Diphtheria, Acellular Pertussis:

4 doses – one dose on or after 4th birthday


4 doses - 4th dose on or after 4th birthday

Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR)

2 doses before entering Kindergarten

Hepatitis B

3 doses before entering Kindergarten


2 doses before entering Kindergarten or evidence of immunity

Hepatitis B

3 doses


2 doses on or after 1st birthday

Meningococcal (MCV)

1 dose before entering 7th grade and 12th grade

Tetanus/Diptheria/Pertussis (TDAP)

1 dose before entering 7th grade

If record of immunizations is not provided prior to entering school or within the first five (5) days of the school year, a student WILL be excluded from attending school until a medical plan from a doctor is provided.

These requirements allow for the following exceptions: medical reason, religious belief, or philosophical/strong moral or ethical conviction. Even if your child is exempt from immunization, he or she may be excluded from school during an outbreak of vaccine preventable disease.

FAQ About the Universal Blood Lead Level Testing

Effective January 1, 2018 all children are required to have their blood lead level tested prior to entry into Kindergarten or before they are six years old, whichever is sooner. Please click on the link below to see answers to frequently asked questions about this new regulation.

Parents who object in writing on religious grounds or on the basis of a strong moral or ethical conviction similar to a religious belief can opt out of blood testing.

Allegheny Country Health Department's FAQ about the new requirement.

Lead Level Testing Record Form

get ahead of lead

Children's Health Insurance Program

CHIP provides quality, comprehensive health insurance for routine doctor visits, prescriptions, dental, eye care, eyeglasses, mental health, and much more. CHIP covers uninsured kids who are not eligible for Medical Assistance. For most families, CHIP is free – for others, it is low cost.

More information on and how to apply for CHIP can be found on the CHIP website at
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