All for All Summit Promotes an Inclusive Community

District Assistant Superintendent Denise Sedlacek presented at the All for All Summit on Wednesday, September 20th. According to the organizers, the All for All Summit is "a day-long, interactive gathering addressing challenges and opportunities to effectively engage our region's growing immigrant communities. Attendees will walk away able to identify how to play a more active role in immigrant integration, whether it's in the workplace or community."

Ms. Sedlacek presented a session titled, "Designing Programs that Drive Immigrant Inclusion" in which attendees could hear from immigrant community leaders who offered insight on their community demographics and experiences, followed by a deeper dive on best practices–from language access to the built environment–to consider when creating programs and experiences to engage immigrants. The session was facilitated by Angélica Ocampo, president and CEO of the World Affairs Council. You can find out more at