Baldwin-Whitehall School District Receives Amazon Future Engineer Grant

Baldwin High School was selected as one of 1,000 high schools nationwide to receive a grant from Amazon to fund computer-science classes for students. The grant, secured by Andrea Huffman, Director of Curriculum, and Dr. Janeen Peretin, Director of Information and Instructional Technology, will underwrite courses beginning this fall.

Amazon Future Engineer is a national program aimed at making computer science accessible to all students. With Amazon Future Engineer's funding, BHS will offer Intro to Computer Science and Advanced Placement (AP) Computer Science classes through curriculum provider, Edhesive. Amazon's funding provides preparatory lessons, tutorials, and professional development for teachers, fully sequenced and paced digital curriculum for students, and live online support every day of the week for both teachers and students. These full-year courses are designed to inspire, prepare, and propel students in their pursuit of computer-science education. All students participating in this program will receive a free membership to AWS Educate, which provides them with free access to computing power in the AWS Cloud for their coding projects, and content to learn about cloud computing.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that by 2020 there will be 1.4 million computer-science-related jobs available and only 400,000 computer-science graduates with the skills to apply for those jobs. Launched in November 2018, Amazon Future Engineer is a four-part childhood-to-career program intended to inspire, educate, and prepare children and young adults from underprivileged, underrepresented, and underserved communities to pursue careers in the fast-growing field of computer science. Each year, Amazon Future Engineer aims to inspire more than 10 million kids to explore computer science, provide over 100,000 young people in over 2,000 high schools access to Intro or AP Computer Science courses, award 100 students with four-year $10,000 scholarships, as well as offer guaranteed and paid Amazon internships to gain work experience.