BWSD Launches Drug and Alcohol Task Force for The 2017–2018 School Year

The District has launched a new Drug and Alcohol Task force. Members include school personnel, Whitehall and Baldwin Borough Police and EMS, MRTSA, Representatives from Kortz's and Readshaw's offices, and various other community representatives. The Drug and Alcohol Task Force will serve as a steering and planning group for the District and school community. The Task Force aims to provide education and real solutions to save the lives of our students, parents, and community members. In addition, we hope to remove the stigma and help addicted individuals and their families get the treatment they need to continue to contribute to the Baldwin-Whitehall community. It will take a concerted effort to make a difference in the Opioid epidemic and other substance abuse issues within our community.

The goals of the Task Force are:

  1. Review and enhance BWSD's comprehensive drug and violence prevention programs for all students from kindergarten through grade 12 that include health education, early intervention, referral, mentoring, rehabilitation, and related activities.
  2. Devise strategies to integrate family services from a variety of providers to enhance school performance and boost attachment to school and family.
  3. Provide professional training and development for school personnel, parents, and community members.

The District will be kicking off this initiative with programs for students, staff, parents, and community members beginning in October 2017 during Red Ribbon Month.