BWSD Leads by Example at National Personalized Learning Conference

This year, the Mid-Atlantic Conference on Personalized Learning moved to Pittsburgh from its prior home in Baltimore. Held on February 26–28, the annual event featured over 100 dynamic presentations for K–12 educators from across the United States. Its move to Pittsburgh gave Baldwin-Whitehall a priceless opportunity to help lead the national conversation around the importance of individualized learning for both students and teachers.

BWSD was proud to join peers in the Montour and Avonworth school districts by welcoming a delegation of conference principals to see in-person proof of our individualized learning success stories. Conference visitors to Paynter Elementary and Harrison Middle Schools learned about many of our personalized learning initiatives, including our innovative media centers, our hands-on maker spaces, our cutting-edge IKS Highlander Mission Ops simulation classroom, and our paradigm-shifting 1-to-1 Initiative.

The Baldwin High School choir, the Baldwinaires, was invited to perform at the conference's opening. This year's theme was "empowering student voices," and our talented singers were truly honored for this opportunity to open the conference on a high note.

BWSD's Director of Curriculum Andrea Huffman and Director of Information and Instructional Technology Janeen Peretin also led a formal conference presentation on how our District uses personalized learning principles to aid the professional development of our administration and staff.

"Professional development usually takes a 'one-size-fits-all' approach," says Ms. Huffman, "but that doesn't always work well for everyone. At Baldwin-Whitehall, we want to capitalize and build on each teacher's individual strengths. We already know that our individualized approach is improving outcomes at the student level, so we believe that if we also model this personalization with adults, then our teachers, staff, and administration will follow their own learning pursuits more passionately."

The principals from all five of our District schools also attended the 2018 Mid-Atlantic Personalized Learning Conference. Our active involvement in this event ensures that new lessons and connections will help our District reach greater heights through individualized learning for years to come.