Charter Homes Renovates Elementary Sensory Rooms through Making a Difference Project

Every year Charter Homes undertakes their Making a Difference Project to give back to the community. This year they have partnered with the Baldwin-Whitehall School District to completely remodel and outfit the elementary sensory rooms. Sensory rooms are designated therapeutic spaces that provide personalized sensory input to meet a variety of student needs. The rooms include outlets for students that need to move, such as a hammock or trampoline, as well as areas to help students calm and decompress. Each of the three elementary schools in the District has a sensory room.

Charter Homes donated sensory materials to fill the rooms and updated the physical spaces with fresh paint, flooring, and more. Their donation also includes labor, as Charter Homes employees worked with the District to plan and renovate the rooms. The material and labor donations total over $20,000. The renovations took place Friday, October 26th.

Sensory rooms are utilized extensively by special-education students in the District who may have unique sensory needs, as well as students dealing with mental-health or behavioral challenges. Marissa Gallagher, Supervisor of Pupil Services for the District, shares, "through this generous partnership we are creating a space to reach the needs of every student. These sensory rooms will be an area that provides solace to students in the midst of the overwhelming needs of the day."

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