High-school Students Teach Entrepreneurship to Elementary Students

JA Day is a partnership with Baldwin-Whitehall School District elementary schools, Junior Achievement of Western PA, and Baldwin High School students interested in exploring careers in education while gaining hands-on experience teaching in a classroom. This year all K–5 classrooms will participate in a JA Day at their respective buildings. During each school's JA Day, students from the high school, who have been trained by Junior Achievement and reviewed their grade-level curriculum, will teach lessons focusing on the following topics: Ourselves, Our Families, Our Community, Our City, Our Region, and Our Nation. Two BHS students per elementary classroom will take over the role of teacher for the day and instruct fun and interesting lessons. JA Day helps empower elementary students with workforce readiness, entrepreneurship, and financial literacy skills. Simultaneously, it reinforces to high-school students skills they have learned while in the school District by giving back to the elementary schools where they once attended. In preparation, high-school students develop their own unique lesson-plans to deliver their content to the elementary students. The experience by all students who participate in the day, whether a teacher or student, is a unique opportunity to bring real-world fundamentals into the classroom. High-school students will arrive at the elementary buildings at 9:45am and finish teaching in the classrooms at 1:30pm. Paynter Elementary JA Day was January 24th; Whitehall JA Day was January 26th; and McAnnulty JA Day is March 14th. There will be approximately 1,500 elementary students receiving the educational component from around 120 high-school students delivering the lessons.