Baldwin–Whitehall School Board Signs Superintendent Lutz to New Contract Through 2026

On Wednesday, January 13th, the Baldwin–Whitehall School Board of Directors voted unanimously to offer Superintendent Randal A. Lutz, Ed. D., a new five-year contract. Dr. Lutz's new term will continue through the 2025–26 school year. This decision was made based upon Dr. Lutz's proven leadership during the COVID–19 crisis, as well as his continued positive impact in helping Baldwin–Whitehall students achieve new academic benchmarks while maintaining fiscal responsibility which includes having among the lowest per-pupil budgets of all Allegheny County school districts.

A Baldwin native and a graduate of Baldwin High School, Dr. Lutz has worked at BWSD for over 24 years. He has served as the district's Superintendent since 2012. Prior to becoming Superintendent, Dr. Lutz served in numerous roles for the district, including Assistant Principal, Principal, Director of Elementary Education, Assistant Superintendent, and Acting Superintendent. Dr. Lutz began his education career in 1990 as a teacher in the Bethel Park School District. He received his Doctorate Degree in Education from the University of Pittsburgh in 2004.

"Dr. Lutz's extraordinary leadership during his tenure, and most assuredly in this uncertain time, warranted this action," said BWSD School Board President Dr. Anthony DiCesaro. "I am certain that this was the best decision for the students, administration, and staff of the district." Board member Robert Achtzehn concurred: "We always knew that we had a great superintendent in Dr. Lutz, but since the onset of the pandemic, he has worked tirelessly and demonstrated an unsurpassed level of leadership at the local, regional and state levels. The author James Lane Allen once said 'Adversity does not build character, it reveals it.' Dr. Lutz's high level of character has been revealed to us over and over again throughout this crisis and we knew it was in the best interest of the district to keep him as our leader for the foreseeable future."

"I have been impressed with Dr. Lutz's leadership and dedication to the district since well before I became a member of the board," said Peter D. Giglione, BWSD School Board First Vice President. "I've come to respect him even more now that I witness his work firsthand. I can't say enough how impressed we all were, and continue to be, with his leadership and decision-making during the pandemic. Doing what is in the best interests of our children is at the heart of every single recommendation that he makes to the board, and of the decisions that he makes daily as our superintendent."

Rachel Sprouse, Director of Employee Services, notes that this strengthens the District moving forward. She shares, "Dr. Lutz has been dedicated to this District and community for nearly his entire career. The extension of his contract by the Board of School Directors shows their support, trust, and affirmation of the work that is being done under Dr. Lutz's leadership. It is exciting to see what the next 5 years and beyond can hold for the Baldwin-Whitehall School District!"

Dr. Lutz expressed his gratitude to the Baldwin–Whitehall School Board of Directors for their support and approval, especially during this extremely challenging time for everyone in our community. said Dr. Lutz. "I feel incredibly fortunate to envision the future with our amazingly dedicated team of administrators, our teachers, and staff, our caring and committed parents and families, and our students whose talent, creativity, and compassion never fails to inspire me," said Dr. Lutz. "Year after year, our community has a role to play in which we lift one another up - making it possible to both see and dare to achieve new heights together."