Students Produce Animation for the National Release of an Animated Wizard of Oz through Grable Foundation Grant

Through the generosity of The Grable Foundation, Baldwin-Whitehall School District students had the opportunity to take part in a national animation project to create an animated version of The Wizard of Oz.

The Grable Foundation announced that the Story MakerĀ® grant they had organized has been officially approved in the amount of $23,500 for 3 school districts in the Pittsburgh area: Baldwin-Whitehall School District, Northgate School District, and South Park School District. These schools will join school districts in Mineola, New York and Yakima, Washington who are having great success in using Story MakerĀ® in their districts.

Wonder Media is collaborating with students and teachers nationwide on the production of the first animated, feature-length movie ever produced by elementary- and middle-school students! The title of the new movie is "The WonderGrove Wizard of Oz."

Students from each district will produce a sequence. Each participating school will perform the following functions for its chosen sequence of the WonderGrove Wizard of Oz:

  • Contribute local touches to the script
  • Design and draw the original background artwork
  • Provide the voice performances for the Oz actors
  • Sing a song
  • Contribute sound design and sound effects
  • Puppet the animated characters.

All of the completed production elements will be delivered to Wonder Media in Los Angeles where they will be assembled with the other scenes from the other participating schools.

Each school will also have custom lines inserted into the final scene when animated Dorothy recites a local twist on her famous lines "there is no place like (your home town's name), there is no place like (your home town's name)."

After the movie has been completed it will be returned to Pittsburgh to prepare for a red carpet movie premiere celebration at an area movie theater.

students and teachers at training